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  • How much solar do I need on my sprinter van? Not As Much As You Have Heard!

    The question, "how much solar do I need on my sprinter van?", is asked many times a day. Some DIY van builders will flat out give up and opt to a...
  • AirStream Trailers Feature Quality Zamp Solar Panels

      Zamp Solar works closely with Airstream to develop battery charging solutions that allow you to stay out longer, and experience everything that...
  • New Zamp Solar Panels Launched at RV Hall of Fame

    Zamp Solar unveiled its new Obsidian Series solar panels at the RV Hall of Fame as part of the Elkhart RV Dealer Open House in September. The patent-pending panels are 30 percent lighter and less than half the thickness of existing off-grid panels, according to the company.
  • UTV and Side By Side Dead Battery Explained - Solar Charging Maintaining

    Shop SXS UTV Solar Battery Charging Kit UTV, side by side (SxS), and ATV 12v battery charging systems are very different from cars and trucks. Due ...