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Zamp Solar 60 Watt Panel B Stock Discounted
Zamp Solar 40 Watt Solar Panel Back Wiring
Zamp Solar 70 Watt Panel - Made In USA (B Grade)
Zamp Solar 70 Watt Panel - Made In USA (B Grade)
Zamp Solar 70 Watt Panel - Made In USA (B Grade)

Zamp Solar 70 Watt Panel - Made In USA (B Grade)

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The Zamp Solar 70 Watt solar panel is a great size for charging a typical RV or Van battery bank. This panel was initially designed to be manufactured into a portable solar kit but the size is very popular as a roof mount. As with most solar panels with outputs under 100 watts, this is also a fixture on government vehicles as well as construction and farming equipment. 

B Grade solar panels generally have cosmetic imperfections such as frame scratches, logo defects, or cells that are not aligned. All panels have been tested and perform at the rated power output.

Made in the U.S. - Handcrafted in Bend, OR using the highest grade monocrystalline solar cells for optimal output, this 70-watt panel is treated with an anti-reflective coating to maximize light absorption.

Flexible and Durable - Zamp's innovative Omni-Mount frame lets anyone mount a panel wherever they need to. The stainless steel mounting hardware ensures Zamp panels won’t budge even when over landing in the great outdoors.

Simple Installation - Installation is a breeze with our pre-assembled wiring harness that doesn’t require crimping tools. Since all Zamp products are compatible with each other, the installation into a one, two, or three-port roof cap is simple and easy… truly plug and play.

10 Year Output Warranty
Buy with confidence knowing that your solar investment will last. 

40-Watt Panel Specs:

  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32.5” Length 20“ Width 1.5” Height
  • 70-Watt Power Output
  • Generates 3.8 amps of charging power
  • 10’ Quick Connect SAE Preterminated Wiring: Zamp Compatible
    **This listing consists of the panel only. NO mounting hardware or charge controller is included.**
    Life is too short to live without the Zamp Solar 70 Watt Panel - Made In USA (B Grade). Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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