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UTV Side By Side Solar Panel Battery Maintainer Charging Kit

Boat Lift Solar 12v Battery Charging Kits

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Extend your boat lift’s battery life and make sure you never find a dead battery before your next adventure on the water. The perfect components and connections create a complete system that integrates seamlessly on your boat lift battery box.

This marine lift solar charging kit is designed to work with three major types of 12-volt batteries, including conventional flooded, gel, and AGM. By utilizing the most efficient, highest quality monocrystalline cells this small panel packs more power per square inch than our thin-film competitors. The robust panel construction makes it impervious to weather, aging, and damage from everyday life on the lake or river.

Solar Panel Specs:

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel.
  • 10 Year Power Output Warranty.
  • 28-Watt, 40-Watt or 60-Watt Power Output
  • Weight: 5 to 8 lbs

Charge Controller Specs:

  • 7 Amp Charge Controller - Pulse Width Modulation Technology for Battery Health and Longevity.
  • LED Indicator Lights for Operational Functions

Mounting and Connections:

  • Butt Splice Connectors
  • Battery Ring Terminal Connectors
  • Universal Mounting Feet 

Installation: 4 Easy Steps (20 to 30 Minutes)

    1. Determine a flat location to mount your solar panel on the top of your battery box preferably out of any shadows with the best direct sunlight. Place the panel on this area face down.
    2. Mount the Zamp Solar 7 Amp charge controller in the box near the battery in a dry location. Secure the pre-terminated ring terminal onto the battery. Remember red is positive and black is negative. 
    3. Either by drilling a new hole in the top of the battery storage or utilizing existing entry gromet, run the bare wires from the charge controller up and out of the compartment. Using the included crimp splice connectors connect those two wires to the wires on the bottom of the solar panel. 
    4. Mark with a sharpie where your mounts will be located on the panel and drill through the frame using a ?? size bit. Secure the brackets on the panel with the included hardware. Mount the brackets using the appropriate screws for your surface.
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